Brooklyn-based Bennett Sullivan is one of the foremost educators and performers in the bluegrass genre. He's created multiple learning platforms for banjo players at all skill levels and has toured internationally. 

In June of 2016, Bennett finished up a 4-month run as banjo and guitar player for Steve Martin's Bright Star at the Cort Theater on Broadway, of which he was a part of for two years performing at notable theaters across the country. 

Bennett is gearing up for a series of shows with cellist and singer/songwriter Ben Sollee over the next couple months. Be sure to check out the full schedule here.


In the Spring of 2015, Bennett teamed up with the talented Czech programmer Jiri Markalous to form Listen & Learn, Inc., a company dedicated to creating unique and effective learning tools for banjo and other bluegrass instruments. Since their partnership began, Jiri and Bennett created a number of mobile apps such as Pocket Lick, Listen & Learn, and most recently, TuneFox

Bennett also shares weekly lessons on his YouTube channel, with the focus being on learning by ear. These are complimented by his lesson website, Banjo by Ear ( This $4.99/month membership is the greatest resource for learning banjo by ear on the web.


In addition to being a recognized sideman, Bennett writes and records his own music both to be released to the public and to be licensed for film, games, and tv. His debut solo LP is set to be released in October 2017.