(Me.lo.di.fi.ca.tion - noun - the blending of bluegrass banjo styles in a song. Scruggs/Melodic/Single String.)

Melodification Masterclass (MMC) is a 4-week live group class designed to help you become a better melodic-style banjo player and teach you how to blend all three bluegrass styles together fluidly. 

the curriculum:

Week 3 (March 21st @ 7pm EST)

  • Blending styles - how to create beautiful solos on the spot that have a mixture of Scruggs and melodic style.
  • 6 versions of "Cripple Creek" using the L&L method
  • Transcribing 101

*Homework - start learning and practicing the 6 versions of Cripple Creek


Week 4 (March 28th @ 7pm EST)

  • Review - G scales, Whiskey, Cripple Creek, 
  • What's Next? Improv - How to practice chord tones
  • Practice tips - creating your own solos, listening, transcribing, and learning from tab, playing with the metronome

*Recommended Reading + Listening (list provided)


Week 1 (Marth 7th @ 7pm EST)

  • Introduction to melodic style - We'll review the banjo players you should listen to and learn from.
  • The G scale - What is it, and how can you practice it in a way that strengthens your ear-to-banjo skills to prepare you for melodic improvisation.
  • How to practice the G scale so it sticks

*Homework - Practice the G scales (recording + tab provided)

Week 2 (March 14th @ 7pm EST)

  • Now that you know your scales, how do you learn melodies?
  • "Whiskey Before Breakfast" in G

*Homework - figure out B section to WBB, practice with metronome

All calls will be recorded + available for you to access after the program.


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What People Are Saying...

“It was well worth the investment of time and money The material was more focused on fundamentals than I expected which is great.”  - Mike T.
"Because of your Masterclass, I've temporarily put aside tab playing to train my ear more. I feel as if I'm standing at the beginning of an exciting path!" - Scott S.

"I am beyond excited about learning the banjo but have sooooo much stuff going around in my head... I REALLY like the way you take everything apart and break it down so it's manageable…" - Lisa C.

Why learn from me?

I've spent my 15 years as a professional banjo player  transcribing, arranging, performing and learning the most effective ways to become a better improvisor and creator. I've taught hundreds of students around the world and host a YouTube channel reaching thousands of people to help them become better players. 

My popular "Melodification" lesson series on YouTube starts you off with a traditional arrangement of a song, and then demonstrates a melodic variation based on the original melody of the tune for you to learn. That series is exactly what inspired this master class! Taking you on a more in depth study of the details and essentials of melodic playing and improvisation.

"WOW!!!!! This is easily one of the best music lessons I've ever seen on youtube."
 - Joshua C.

"I feel like I'm reaching a whole new level with these videos!"

- Mike C.

Enrollment closed


When does the program start? March 7th at 7pm EST. Before our classes start you'll get all the specifics on how to access the live master class in your inbox.

What comes with my purchase of MMC? Once you purchase MMC you'll instantly be added to my private membership group with one free month of access along with access to the member's only facebook group with tons of helpful Q+A's already there. This is also a great place to post questions you have for me and get great feedback from your fellow pickers. You'll also have lifetime access to all the MMC class recordings!

How do I access the MMC live classes? All classes will be taught online through an easy-to-use program called Zoom. You'll receive login details with your welcome email you get before class starts. 

What if I can't make a scheduled class? No problem! All the classes will be recorded and available to you within 24 hours after the live session.

Have a question you don't see answered? Just shoot me an email by clicking here and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.