Augmented Chords and Whole Tone Scales

Bring on the jazz!

Whole tone scales are super cool and an easy way to perk your jam buddy's ear up. 

In this video, I show you how to play a G whole tone scale in both melodic style and single string style.

I use Little Darlin' Pal of Mine to demonstrate it in the context of a tune.

Augmented chords work really well when moving a 4th away from the chord you're currently on.

Example: If you're playing a G chord and a C chord is coming up, it's a perfect opportunity to bust the G Aug chord out.

If you're on a D chord and the next chord is G - D Aug. 

F chord to Bb - F Aug.

Make sense? 

The single string whole tone scale is great because its an easy pattern to remember, easy to play, and once you have it down in a closed position, you can just move around wherever you want!

Have fun!

Bennett SullivanComment