ii/V/I Chord Progression in G - Chord Tones

The goal of this video is to demonstrate proper voice leading when switching chords. 

The ii/V/I chord progression is the most popular sequence in jazz, and perfect for showing how to voice lead correctly.

The idea of voice leading is to land on the "correct" tone in time with the chords that are being played. Another important aspect is moving from a one chord's tones to another chord's with as little movement as possible. 

Example: You're playing the chord progression Am - G.

A minor's chord tones are A C E G, and G's are G B D F#.

When the chord change happens from Am7 to Gmaj7, you want to move to the closest note in G to where you're at. So if you're on an E, you'll move to a D or F#. If you're on a C, you'll move to a B (or D if you want). 

Step #1: Learn all of the chord tones for a particular chord. Am7 is a good place to start, and I've outlined it in the tab.

Step #2: Learn all of the chord tones for a different chord. How about D? It's also in the tab. 

Step #3: Practice good voice leading with those two chords. Slowly with the metronome, por favor :). 

Step #4: Add another chord if you please, or work in more uncomfortable parts of the neck. 

Step #5: Implement in a song.

Most importantly, have fun with it!

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