Laying a Solid Foundation for Improvisation

This video teaches how you can start to think like a jazz musician when improvising. I'm using simple elements of theory to show you how you can "map out" your fingerboard to start playing/hearing chord tones when you improvise. 

Step 1: Understand where you are on the neck. Where are the root, 3rd, and 5th chord tones for the particular chord your studying? Can you locate all of these notes on the entire neck?

Step 2: Bring another chord into the mix. If you're working in the key of C, start with a chord that has a simple relationship with C, such as F or G. Create a chord progression and practice good voice-leading between these chords.

Step 3: Use a popular tune's chord progression to practice this concept. Can you sing the melody of the song out loud while you play the chord tones? Record yourself and make sure you're playing with good time, and you can clearly hear the chord changes when they're supposed to happen.

Step 4: Try this with that same tune's chord progression, but in a different key! 

Have fun, and let me know if you have any questions!



Bennett SullivanComment