TuneFox was created to help banjo players at all skill levels learn how to become better players. It gives you the tools you need to memorize faster, learn multiple arrangements, understand improvisation, and solidify your timing. 

Check out the features in more detail below.

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Lick Switcher

After you learn the main arrangement of a song, get creative and switch out licks in different places throughout the tab! This will give you an opportunity to see and hear how improvisation works in a bluegrass setting. 

Different styles of licks are color coded so you can see the contrast between a Scruggs lick vs. Melodic, or Single String vs. Jazz. 


Mem- Train and Speed-Up

The Mem-Train feature gradually covers up notes on the tab so you are forced to use your ears. Loop one measure at a time to practice memorizing the song in small sections. 

Combine Mem-Train with Speed-Up and you have an amazing way to both get off the tab and challenge your fingers to play faster. You'll be surprised at how fast you can actually go when you're using your ears.


Multiple Song Variations and Backing Tracks

Each song in TuneFox comes with at least 3 different arrangements - Scruggs, Melodic, and Backup. Each arrangement has it's own set of licks for you to get creative with.

Play along with a bluegrass band! The backing tracks are automatically generated for each song and you can mix the banjo with the backing tracks to your liking.