The Beginner's Master Class is a 4-week, online, live lesson series for beginners who want to build a strong, successful foundation for playing bluegrass banjo.

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Live Master Classes

Online weekly group lessons (45 minute classes)!


Bonus Lessons

Warm-ups, Technique, Listening, and more!


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Enrollment ends on February 8th!

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What You'll Get:

Starting from Scratch Lessons:

These two lessons will walk you through everything you'll need to get started. Both lessons are pre-recorded so you can use them as much as you need before our first live lesson.


Full LIVE class curriculum:

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Week 1 - Thursday, February 9th @ 7pm EST

Practicing with the metronome is a key piece to getting better at playing with others and developing confident timing. This week, I'll show you how to incorporate using the metronome in your practice.

  • Wearing picks + right hand position
  • Rolls (picking patterns)
  • Metronomes: Why?, How? and When?


Week 2 - Thursday, February 16th @ 7pm EST

Learn a simple formula for playing chords in any key so you can play chords at jam sessions.

  • Nashville Number System and I IV V chords (All the theory you need to know)
  • How to find your I IV V chords
  • Playing the chords of "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" in 2 different keys



Week 3 - Thursday, February 23rd @ 7pm EST

The pentatonic scale is a simple 5-note scale present in all vocal tunes. Developing your awareness of it will help you learn melodies faster!

  • The pentatonic scale and dissecting vocal melodies
  • Two essential scale shapes (open and closed positions)
  • Where do the melody and chords intersect and how can I apply them to the songs I want to learn?
  • "Will the Circle Be Unbroken" melody using pentatonic scales

Week 4 - Thursday, March 2nd @ 7pm EST

We've learned a lot the past 4 weeks, so how do we organize  it into the most efficient and effective practice routine?

  • What’s next? How to keep making progress from here
  • BONUS tunes to learn using the Listen & Learn method
  • Practice Routine Guide: Step-by-step map
  • Active Listening Study Course

plus, Four Bonus Lessons: 'The Essentials'

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Every class will be recorded + available with lifetime access after the program ends.

What People Are Saying...

"I am beyond excited about learning the banjo but have sooooo much stuff going around in my head... I REALLY like the way you take everything apart and break it down so it's manageable…" - Lisa C.
 “It was well worth the investment of time and money The material was more focused on fundamentals than I expected which is great!”  - Mike T.
"Because of your Masterclass, I've temporarily put aside tab playing to train my ear more. I feel as if I'm standing at the beginning of an exciting path!" - Scott S.

"As a long-time guitar player turning to banjo, your lessons have been so valuable. You have a very clear, calm concise, and sincere way of teaching whilst still making it fun! thank you!" - Christian H.C.

"Really great lesson, Bennett.  I never stop learning from your teachings. Thanks so much for doing these." - David H.

Enrollment ends on February 8th!

BMC Payment Plan
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout$46.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 2)$46.00 USD
Total $138.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Why learn from me?

I've spent my 15 years as a professional banjo player  transcribing, arranging, performing and learning the most effective ways to become a better improvisor and creator. I've taught hundreds of students around the world and host a YouTube channel reaching thousands of people to help them become better players. 

Over our 4 weeks together I'll walk you through all the technical foundations you'll need and give you all the essential tools to start practicing effectively, pick up new songs more easily, be able to play with others, and have fun while doing it!

What I see stop beginner players the most isn't just techniques and lack of information, it's perspective, confidence and self-doubt that play a huge part in whether you move forward or hold yourself back. What do you do when you're stuck practicing alone, doubting the things you're trying to master with no one to reach out to for help? As a beginner you're not meant to know exactly how to get better, but when taken through the process and supported to know how to work through each stage, you'll see that it wasn't something you were doing wrong, the essential guidance was missing.

If the possibility of playing the banjo really excites you but you're missing the how-to and total support to get you there, then this course will be the perfect guide.