Performing with Nashville's Clare Bowen

Yesterday(Monday, January 27th, 2014), I had the opportunity to perform on the ABC show, The View. I was playing banjo for Clare Bowen, who is an actress and singer on the television series "Nashville". It was the first time I've performed on National Television, and I had a blast. Everyone on the set was really cool and down to earth, including Clare and the rest of the band. 

The band was Phil Lassiter on piano and harmony, Lincoln Schleifer on bass, and me on banjo. Phil Lassiter is the arranger and lead trumpet player for Prince's band, which is so freaking cool, and it was great to meet and play with him. 

Lincoln, the bass player, is good friends with Buddy Miller and John Campbell, and lots of other people, and has performed and recorded with tons of famous musicians, including Levon Helm and Warren Hanes. He's a great bass player, and being a native New Yorker, he has endless stories about the New York music scene from the 60s on. It was so cool to talk with him about the village during the 60s, and the "golden age" of recorded music and session work. We talked about playing on Broadway, too. 

It was great to work with Clare Bowen. She's an amazing vocalist, and a really sweet, easy-going person. Thanks to her and her team, including David Pyler for having me. 

Here's a video of the performance, and below is a picture I took after we played.