Playing with Weird Al

Last Thursday I got a call to play a polka with Weird Al Yankovic on the HBO comedy show, "Last Week Tonight" that weekend. Short notice calls are very common in New York and it can be risky to take if the music needs a lot of practice. I wasn't incredibly familiar with Weird Al's repertoire but after listening to a few of his recent songs, I decided I'd take the gig and hoped it would be manageable.

The music turned out to be pretty simple, the only tricky part being that they probably were looking for a 4 string player. I compensated for that by taking my 5th string off and playing with a flatpick. That aspect of the gig was really fun! 

It was a long 2 days of rehearsing in and out of costume and waiting around, but that's show business! 

Here's a video of us playing "The North Korea Polka" by Weird Al Yankovic:

And here are some photos I took at the studio: