Bennett Sullivan Trio

A new genre-bending trio featuring Andrew Platt on bass and Ryan Lassiter on drum set based in Western North Carolina. For booking, contact me here.

Lady Nora

From Banjo Newsletter’s August 2013 edition:

"Lady Nora" CD

Released in May of 2013, Lady Nora is Bennett's debut record as a leader. It also features the virtuosic playing of local New York musicians Ross Martin on guitar, Rob Hecht on fiddle, and Pat Falco on bass. 

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“What I really like about Bennett’s music is probably a result of his broad range of experience. Give a listen to Bennett’s album, “Lady Nora,” and you won’t find much in the way of gratuitous excursions from the melody, and yet there’s probably not a cliché in a cartload. Bennett’s playing manages to be fluid—and articulate in a way that doesn’t come easy to the banjo. Listen to the first tune, Honey Butter: clearly, his guitar chops enrich his banjo technique with subtle hammers and slides that sound more guitaristic than banjo-like, and his phrasing is loose and conversational, yet he manages to keep the syncopated, rolling sound of the banjo moving. You’re not hearing some abrupt transition from Reno’s camp to Scruggs, to Thompson or Keith, or Fleck, but a mature, wholly musical, integrated approach to the banjo. Few musicians hone such a distinctive voice in ten years. I expect that you will hear lots more from Bennett Sullivan. I look forward to it.” —Marty Cutler