Music for Podcasts

Are you a podcaster looking for instrumental music or stems to bring your stories to life? Take a listen to the tracks below.

If you’re looking for a custom composition for your podcast, drop me a line and we’ll chat.

Doggy Fog

This track is in the key of Dm in 6/8 time and it’s tempo is set to 64 bpm. Feel free to just listen or if you’re interested in purchasing to use for your next podcast, there are a couple options below, including only the track or all stems.

"Doggy Fog" Track

This is the .wav file of the full “Doggy Fog” track. 4:24 minutes long.

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"Doggy Fog" Full Package

This package includes:

  • The Full Track

  • All Loops (7 Stems)

  • All Instrument Parts (24 Stems)

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