Over the past few months, I've collaborated with a talented iOS designer and developer named Jiri Markalous to create some awesome learning tools for banjo and guitar students. Click here to go to our company's homepage. 

Listen & Learn: Banjo

Listen & Learn is our very first app, designed to help students learn songs by ear. The app uses a combination of tab(written notation for banjo) and audio. Parts of the tab are covered up, and you listen to those sections, find the notes on your instrument, and play them to the app. The app will tell you if the notes are correct. 

This method is great for ear training, because you have a reference for where the other notes are in the song.

It's an essential tool for beginners, as well as those students interested in getting away from tab, but not sure how to do it. 

L&L includes:

  • 10 standard bluegrass songs 
  • tuner
  • metronome
  • recorder
  • jam tracks
  • beginner banjo instructions

It is $2.99 on the Apple App store. Check it out!

Pocket Lick

Pocket Lick is simply a list of licks(short musical phrases that can be used for improvisation) with tab, video, audio, and an information blurb about each lick. 

"One of the finest banjo apps I've seen."  - Steve Martin (Pocket Lick: Banjo)

We've made Pocket Lick for both Apple and Android devices, and for banjo and guitar. The PL apps are $1.99. Click on an app below to visit the store!

Banjo (Apple)

Banjo (Android)

Guitar (Apple)

Guitar (Android)

Visit our company's homepage here, where you'll find additional information about the apps, a useful blog, and the mailing list signup form for free stuff and updates.